AIC Membership Plan

AIC Membership Plan

Big Changes Alert!

Because we have so much to learn, the team at AIC is in a constant state of evaluation when it comes to how to serve those who are dialed into the site. We love thinking of ways to better contemplate and care for folks called to ministry and to assist them with resources to bear fruit and remain in ministry.

With that in mind, we launched a Learning Management System (LMS) called the “Next Steps Course” at the beginning of this year. Going hand-and-hand with our Assessment Test, the “Next Steps Course” provided further insight and training for those who had taken the test and wanted to strengthen themselves in the flagged “growth areas.” The feedback that we have received on the LMS thus far has been very encouraging, but as always, we wanted to know how it could be more beneficial to the public.

After some time of seeking insight from those who had taken the courses, we want to take our LMS to the next innovative level and reprogram things into a subscription based model. By doing this, the operating costs could be kept low and a variety of continued benefits could be added for members without the larger, up-front fee. If you wondering what all that means, just think: Good content at a great price!


How Will This Work?

The AIC Subscription will release at a low monthly rate of $4.99 and the subscription will renew every 12 months. Upon registration, an individual will be able to immediately begin taking the courses to grow in the growth areas provided through the assessment.


Other Benefits

AIC will also continue to work hard in order to provide added benefits for its members. By becoming a member, an individual will not only have access to the Course content, but they will be given other add-ons to aid them in their ministry and/or pursuit of ministerial growth.

Whether it is a monthly video answering your questions, member specific product discount codes, or new course material, AIC will be adding benefits to the AIC subscribers in efforts to supply valuable content that can be applied to real life experiences.


Thank You

As always, we are incredibly thankful for the many people who support us. There has been a wonderful community of people who are financially supporting the ministry, contributing content, reading the articles, listening to the podcast, or just following along on social media. We’ve received some really helpful feedback and very meaningful encouragement people in different countries around the world. We hope this new step truly serves everyone who feels connected to us and all of those who are helped by the content at


The Folks at “Am I Called”

PS. As we make this big step, we appreciate grace for any inconvenient circumstances that may arise. And if you have purchased the “Next Steps Course’’ prior to the subscription release, someone will be in contact with you shortly.


To Learn More, Please follow the link below:

AIC Membership & Next Steps Course