Marriage Questions Series (Pt. 2)

Marriage Questions Series (Pt. 2)

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing a series of videos from a lengthy interview that Family Life conducted with Dave Harvey. The short videos provide answers to a variety of questions on the topic of marriage. We hope these clips serve you well as you lead and/or counsel other couples or seek to strengthen your own marriage. For more information on Dave’s marriage resources, please check out the following: “When Sinners Say ‘I Do'” Book, “When Sinners Say ‘I Do'” DVD Series, and Marriage Event FAQ (for info on Marriage Seminars). 
– Joe Hearne
AIC Content Manager

For the first set of videos, please click here.

Marriage and Genesis 1 & 2

Marriage & Genesis 1 & 2 from Am I Called? on Vimeo.


God’s Role as Giver

God’s Role as Giver from Am I Called? on Vimeo.


Leaving Father & Mother

Leaving Father & Mother from Am I Called? on Vimeo.