Special Offer on “Healthy Plurality = Durable Church” by Dave Harvey

Special Offer on “Healthy Plurality = Durable Church” by Dave Harvey

The Sojourn Network is a church planting network that is based in Louisville, KY. They exist to help pastors plant, grow, and multiply churches that last. As a part of this mission, they seek to provide tangible resources that can aid in furthering the work of Jesus through the local church.

On October 1, the network launched an Ebook series with the release of Dave Harvey’s book, Healthy Plurality = Durable Church. Sojourn has graciously provided the readers of AIC the opportunity to get this ebook for FREE during the first week of its release. Our prayer is that it would be helpful to your church and ministry. Follow the link below and use the coupon code: AICFREE.

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Healthy Plurality = Durable Church EBOOK



Have you ever wondered what separates a healthy church from an unhealthy church when they have the same doctrine (and even methods) on paper? The long-term health and durability of a church simply cannot exceed the health of her elders who lead, teach, shepherd, and pray the church forward. Therefore, building and maintaining a healthy plurality of elders is the key to durability. Yet a healthy plurality is a delicate thing working through hardship and the difficulties of relationship while pursuing the noble task of eldership. If you wish to grow deeper in your theology of eldership to lead with a healthy, biblical vision of plurality, then this is your “How-To” guide.