The “Next Steps” Course

Intro To The “Next Steps” Course from Am I Called? on Vimeo.

Welcome to the AIC Next Steps Course. It is an honor to serve you on this journey in leadership development. This training was developed by Dave Harvey and the team at AIC to dig deeper into ministry preparation for those pursuing church planting, pastoral ministry, eldership, or ministry leadership. The course presents seven different sessions with nearly 16 hours of NEW content; all of it representing essential building-blocks for effective ministry. We pray these tools and resources aid you in your preparation and training!

The FULL course material is made available immediately upon purchase of the AIC Membership Plan. The AIC Membership Plan is provided in subscription format for $4.99 a month (subscription renews after a year) and will regularly include new “members only” content.


The AIC Membership Plan w/ FULL Next Steps Course

35 Lessons – 15.75 Hours 

The AIC Membership Plan includes the FULL Course – nearly 16 hours of NEW material – starting in order from the beginning to the end. Click on the button below to view the training lessons and purchase the Course. 
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