Another year has come and gone for Am I Called? Ministries and–as always–it’s wonderful to see how God has used this small collective of friends to help people from around the world in their current ministry contexts. It never gets old receiving the encouraging emails on how AIC resources are helpful to leaders, pastors and students from all walks of life. 

There are several specific developments from 2018 that we thank God for:

  • We reorganized the ministry to an “open-handed” model and did away with the need to pay for our most valuable resources; namely the leadership material!
  • The AIC website was completely rebuilt for a better user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • “New Visitors” to the site continues to remain high.
  • The amount of Assessments taken remains consistent and has proven to be an important resource to those interested in pastoral ministry or those aiding in the development of future church leaders.
  • Podcast listenership are always a highlight. But this year we were able to tap into the church-wide discussion on how the Church relates to women. We did this by having Elyze Fitzpatrick and Trillia Newbell on the AIC Podcast. Those two episodes continue to be among the most popular episodes we have done.

When we consider the fruit, we are grateful to God for his overwhelming grace that helps us serve those called to plant and pastor to build churches that last. If you have prayed for us in the past, or given financially, we want to say ‘thank you’!

With the great things that have taken place this last year, there are opportunities before us in 2019. As the New Year approaches, so do new requirements for the life of Am I Called? Ministries. Because we have transitioned into a completely open-handed model, we operate fully on donations from supporters. While this places us in dependence upon God, it pushes us to trust in both His provision and the willingness of people to support what we do. 

Our need for 2019 is estimated to be at $8-10K for the year (website hosting, content management, licenses, hosting costs for the assessment test, etc). Would you be willing to consider a year-end gift? Please know that every penny donated is deeply appreciated and managed with an awareness of our stewardship before God.

May God fill the coming year with abounding grace in your life and mission for Jesus!

Thank You,
The AIC Team