Top Ten Articles of 2018


Another year has swiftly come and gone. One of our favorite things to look at is the articles that have been the most helpful to our viewers. Below you will find the Top Ten of 2018!

1. Help! My Husband May Be Called to Ministry!

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve already had “the conversation”. You know, the one where he casually attempts to bring up the mind-numbing news of his nudge from God. Or, maybe he just cooly threw out an “idea-in passing” that he’s been praying…(Read More)

2. Spurgeon Speaks: The Priority Of Confirming Your Call

The great 19th century pastor, Charles Spurgeon, was committed to training young men for pastoral ministry. One of the ways he did this was by giving regular lectures to the young men attending his Pastors’ College. (Read More)

3. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Is The Holy Spirit Pushing You Toward Preaching?

Martyn Lloyd-Jones helps to frame one of the most difficult questions facing the soul-stirred potential pastor. Inevitably a call to ministry is a call to preach so one must settle the question of preaching. (Read More)

4. Relax: Friendships & the Ministry Leader’s Wife

How should a ministry wife think about friendships when she is prone to overthink relationships or not see a need for them? Here are six thoughts about relaxing and pursuing friends. (Read More)

5. Pastoral Training in the Local Church

What exactly makes a good pastor? If you are exploring your call to ministry or still relatively young in your pastoral position, you should know what you are called to be and do. Or, maybe you are currently a pastor training the next generation of elders and pastors at your church. (Read More)

6. When Preaching Is Big & God Is Small

I’ve been a pastor for a long time, which is why it’s so perplexing to me that speaking in front of people still triggers a low-grade fear. It makes no sense. I’m called upon to speak often, so my fear should be long over, but it’s not. Strange fears dance across the stage of my mind. I’m afraid that I won’t meet the goals of my talk. I’m afraid that I’m going to look stupid. And I’m afraid that what I’ll say will be irrelevant. (Read More)

7. “15 Things Seminary Couldn’t Teach Me” Is Not Anti-Seminary, but Is Pro-Preventive Maintenance

There is a serious gap today between orthodoxy and orthopraxy among inexperienced, seminary-educated pastors. Confusion abounds as to how a pastor should view issues such as the call to ministry, suffering in ministry, making changes in the church, teaching difficult doctrines, and the like. And the fallout is evident in the dead ministries of young pastors littering the evangelical landscape. (Read More)

8. The Pastor’s Work Week

Can we just be honest? The pastors’ work week is not normal. I know, we all suffer from the not-very-funny-and-mildly-insulting “pastor only works one hour a week” jabs, but like it or not, this is not a gig that’s greeted with time sheets and clock punchers at the end of every day. (Read More)

9. Should Our Pulpits Be Politically Engaged?

If we read Scripture with a view that asks whether or not preachers should engage with political issues, we see the prophetic voices of the Old and New Testament uniting to say that sometimes we must. Politics, social issues, and character in public leaders are all items that God cares greatly about. After all, we see them addressed in great detail through his Word. (Read More)

10. 3 Things I Know About Ministry Now That I’m Not In Ministry

Four years ago, I left pastoral ministry. Without getting into any details, I needed to get out for my personal and spiritual health. I had just come out of a meat grinder of a year and was thoroughly confused, angry, and desperately needed to catch my breath. And while leaving ministry has been tough, it’s been life-giving. I’ve learned things about myself, God, and pastoral ministry that are nearly impossible to learn when you’re in the midst of pastoral work. (Read More)