Booking Requests for Dave Harvey

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Dave has spent years developing marriage material and has traveled nationally and abroad to teach on how the gospel transforms marriage. If you are interested in holding a marriage event and would like to have Dave speak, please fill out the Speaker Request Form (see below) and email it to Next to the Speaker Request Form, you will also find a PDF that provides specifics on Dave’s material for these events.


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Download Request Form

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Download FAQ’s 

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Download Program Example 

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“Most marriage seminars teach you about communication, finances, or sex.  While all of this is important, as someone who wants to think distinctively as a Christian, I want more.  Dave Harvey’s marriage seminar, based on his popular book When Sinners Say ‘I Do’, was a blessing to our church.  He was soundly biblical, honest about sin’s dreadful effects on marriage, and glorious in its pointing to mercy and forgiveness found through the Cross.”

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“There are as many ideas, techniques and opinions on how to improve our marriages as there are different marriage seminars available!  What we so appreciated about WSSID was that it was really only about one thing:  applying the gospel.  Dave Harvey graciously and humorously helped us reconsider the motives of our hearts rather than looking for a quick fix for the challenges that are common to us all.  In bringing us back to the mercy we’ve received in Christ, he not only instructed us, but more important, motivated us to want to be more like Jesus to each other in our marriages and relationships.  A day well spent with lasting effect!”