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Stop Your Complaining: From Grumbling to Gratitude – by Ronnie Martin


(From Amazon) Stop Your Complaining explores the often-overlooked sin of grumbling and explains how Christians can adopt an attitude of gratitude and humility. Through stories of men and women of the Bible, cultural figures and even the author himself, Stop Your Complaining explores the relationship between discontent and gratefulness.

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My friend Ronnie Martin has written a convicting, challenging book that deserves wide reading in a world of plenty of complaining. He writes as a pastor who hears a lot of grumbling, but he does not ignore this problem in his own life or even among fellow pastors. You might not initially think you should pick up a book about grumbling. You might have a friend or family member in mind who needs it more (good luck handing the book out as a birthday or Christmas gift). But I suspect you need the book more than you realize. I know I did. –Collin Hansen, Editorial Director for The Gospel Coalition and author of Blind Spots: Becoming a Courageous, Compassionate, and Commissioned Church

I am a complainer. I think my mother told me to ‘quit complaining’ as often as she corrected me about anything. I am adept at finding the downside in things. So reading Ronnie’s book was a bit like jumping into a frigid lake. It knocked the wind out of me, was uncomfortable, and then was deeply refreshing. I needed to read about the heart behind my complaining and take a look at why I enjoy being negative so much. Martin reveals truth and digs into the reader without preaching or nagging or condescending. Instead he shares stories, his own and others. He asks questions and invites us to do the same. Stop Your Complaining is a book that would benefit anyone but the most ardent optimist. –Barnabas Piper, Author of The Pastor’s Kid and Help My Unbelief & co-host of the Happy Rant Podcast

We tend to think that complaining isn’t a particularly serious sin. After all, everyone does it! We complain about the weather, our sports teams, and how long we have to wait in line at the grocery store. But Martin shows us that complaining is a deadly serious sin, and he points to the biblical path for change. Don’t let complaining conquer you. Read this book! –Stephen Altrogge, Author of Untamable God: Encountering The One Who Is Bigger, Better, and More Dangerous Than You Could Possibly Imagine

About the Author

Ronnie Martin is lead pastor of Substance Church in Ashland, Ohio, a contributing writer for The Gospel Coalition and EFCA Today Magazine. Before graduating from Grace Theological Seminary, Ronnie spent 20 years as a well-known recording artist in the Christian music industry, releasing over 15 critically acclaimed albums and touring extensively both nationally and internationally.

Martin is an emerging voice in the ‘young restless and reformed’ movement that has swept the states in the past decade and has introduced the world to theological leaders such as Matt Chandler, Kevin DeYoung, Leonce Crump, David Platt, Daniel Montgomery and Eric Mason, to name a few

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