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Category: Learning


Dear Am I Called Reader, As the end of the year approaches, I’m asking you to consider financially partnering with and supporting the work of Am I Called Ministries. As the director of Am I

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Why a New Seminary?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer once wrote, “The matter of the proper education of preachers of the gospel is worthy of our ultimate commitment.” It is the responsibility of the church in every generation to raise up and

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The Pastor’s Work Week

It was an honest question. In fact, I could tell by the somewhat pained look on my friend’s face that he thought it was something he should’ve known the answer to. But he didn’t. “What

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Pastor, What Are You About?

Chances are you’ve met pastors and church leaders from a variety of backgrounds, theological positions, denominations, and church size. Thinking about the external diversity among pastors leaves me very thankful for the way the Lord

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Remembering to Celebrate

“It’s National Apple Cobbler Day!” I proudly announced as I dropped a dish of said dessert on the center of my dining table. We were hosting friends for dinner, and as the smell of cooling

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