Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Paul David Tripp on ‘Sex, Pleasure, Paradise, & Pastoral Ministry

Sex, Pleasure, Paradise, & Pastoral Ministry Today we are joined by Dave’s long time friend and the first person to ever join us on the AIC Podcast–Paul...
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Bob Lepine of Family Life Radio

“The Relevance of Radio, the Story of Family Life, and How To Do An Effective Interview” Dave is joined by well-known radio hosts, Bob Lepine....
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Calling Question: On Pastoring A Wife with an Emotionally Abusive Husband

For today’s “Calling Question”, Dave provides insights for pastors on how to handle this difficult-but-consistent-problem that leaders face in providing meaningful help to troubled marriages.
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Elyse Fitzpatrick on Women & The Local Church

“What Women Wish Their Pastor’s Knew About Women.” This is one you won’t want to miss!  On this episode, Elyse Fitzpatrick–a well-known author (Give Them Grace,...
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Pete Greasley on Community & Longevity

The Surprising Connection Between Community and Longevity. On today’s episode, Dave and Pete Greasley– the pastor of Christchurch in Newport, Wales– discuss the connection between...
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Pete Greasley: Pastoring Millennials, Gen X-er’s & Boomers

Surprises in pastoring Millennials, Gen X-er’s and Boomers We are joined by our good friend, Pete Greasley. For those who might be new to the...
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Todd Augustine on “Richard Baxter” (Pt.2)

Introducing A Titan of Practical Theology, Richard Baxter! Todd Augustine returns to discuss Richard Baxter’s ministry in greater detail. Todd served as Pastor of Congregational Life...
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Todd Augustine on “The Puritans” (Pt.1)

Why Every Church Leader Should Know the Puritans and Pastor Richard Baxter! On this new episode, Dave sits down with Todd Augustine to talk about...
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Tom Ascol on Being Faithful to the Local Church

What does it look like to faithfully serve a church for over 31 years? Dave and Jamin are joined today by Dr. Tom Ascol. Tom is...

J.D. Greear on Church Collaboration

Why is this year’s Sojourn Network Leadership Summit (starting October 23rd in Louisville!) about churches collaborating with one another?   In this episode, Dave is joined by...