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The Pastor’s Peace in the Political Chaos

Every four years, on the first Tuesday in November, the chaos crescendos. For months, and sometimes years before, it builds in intensity, insanity, and hyperbole. This year marks the third Presidential election cycle I have experienced as a resident of the United States and simply put, each election season seems to have gotten worse. It has become more divided and more venomous. Both sides of the political spectrum continue to hunker down in their respective ideological camps and our hope for a peacemaker to rise amongst the rabble continues to be dashed upon the rocks of partisan politics.


Overtaking Exhaustion

If you are a pastor who has resisted being pulled into the gutter of political conversations and has held firm upon the Rock, chances are you are weary.

Instead of laying down your shield and joining the rabble of the seemingly deafening storm of vicious rhetoric, I want to encourage you to join the harmony of voices calling you to rest in Christ. Stand firm, friend. Be sure footed on the glorious Gospel and do not be discouraged.


Be at Peace Because Jesus is Lord

My message to you is as simple as it is old:

  • Because Jesus is Lord you are free from finding your worth in what people think of you (Matt 10:31)
  • Because Jesus is Lord you can trust him to never leave you (Heb 13:5)
  • Because Jesus is Lord you don’t need to hope in a political savior (John 19:11)
  • Because Jesus is Lord you can sleep confidently knowing he is in control (Psalm 127:2)
  • Because Jesus is Lord you can endure attacks and infighting in your church (Philippians 4:2-5)
  • Because Jesus is Lord you have a peace that cannot be robbed by the chaos (2 Peter 1:2)

Friend, the Church around the world and over the centuries has endured political seasons more chaotic than this one and it remains steadfastly fixed upon the power of the resurrected Jesus.

You get to stand as a beacon of light to those who are thrown to and fro by the political winds and latest scandals and instead beckon them to a better way. A way of peace and security that can only be had by casting their hope upon the Lord Jesus. Call them in to the safe harbor, guide them into the calm waters, and help them find respite from the ravages of political idolatry.

Brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. – 2 Thessalonians 3:13

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