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Advent & The Wonder of Words (A Poem)

By on December 6, 2016

Recently I was dabbling in a bit of poetry, which is a generous exaggeration of what really happens when I aim at composing. Lest you think I embellish, I sent it along to a poet-friend who edited it for ‘meter’ and, well, I wasn’t even sure what that meant. But like most things, I expect I’ll learn by doing. And if one is going to experiment with poetry, Christmas seems to be the right time of year to make the attempt. Enjoy! – Dave\


I love words.
In a broken world, words heal.
Gettysburg is remembered for 272 words.
Words change minds. Mahalia yelled,
“Martin, tell them about the dream!”
Her words found purchase, and 50 years later
grade-schoolers recite Dr. King’s words.

Words matter.
By them slaves are emancipated,
citizens united, constitutions crafted,
classics created, civilizations ordered.

Words hail the soul.
Transporting us by music; amusing us by rhyme;
inspiring us by drama, inciting us by eloquence.
In the mouth of a wise man, words sparkle.
When piercing dark minds, words enlighten;
…dark nights, words animate;
…dark times, words illuminate.

From the lips of the prophet, words reform.
When the conscience clefts, words smite.
Two days ago a confession came from one who used words poorly.

He confessed.
I forgave.
A gospel reenactment, courtesy of words.

I love words.

I hate words.
Words bite, leaving poisonous marks.
Words wreck, undoing heart and home.

Words obfuscate.
“You keep using that word,” said Inigo Montoya,
“I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

Words have many meanings.

Words divide,
damage, degrade,
denigrate, disgrace, destroy.

By words Chamberlain placated
and Hitler exterminated.
Words betray, loyal by talk
and deadly by intent.

Small words cause great pain.

Words are fickle.
With many, sin is multiplied;
With few, fools run wild;
With none, evil incubates.
To love words swells the mind
and to detest them damns the soul.

Words mystify, like parables cloaking truth.
Words charm, hissing with temptation.
Words trigger, eruptions of anger;
explosions of wrath; declarations of war.

I respect words, but never enough.
So I hate words.
I need words.

Not the maxims of mortals nor the mumblings of man.
The Word behind the Prophets, the Psalms,
the Gospels, and the Epistles.

The Word from the beginning;
the Word with God;
The Word made flesh;
The Word was God.

This Word reverberates.
Conveying grace, carrying wisdom,
consoling hearts, capturing imaginations,
cultivating joys, comforting sufferers,
confounding worldliness, correcting sinners,
creating Life, Communicating the Mind of God
to the soul of man.

I need the Word of God.

The One who spoke the words I hated,
that I might know the Word who loved.
And because the Word was made Incarnate,
upon His word we stand redeemed.

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