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If the Fates Allow

If the title rings a Christmas bell, it’s because it’s a line from “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” which goes, Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow… In addition to

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Dear Am I Called Reader, As the end of the year approaches, I’m asking you to consider financially partnering with and supporting the work of Am I Called Ministries. As the director of Am I

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The Pastor’s Work Week

It was an honest question. In fact, I could tell by the somewhat pained look on my friend’s face that he thought it was something he should’ve known the answer to. But he didn’t. “What

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Pastor, What Are You About?

Chances are you’ve met pastors and church leaders from a variety of backgrounds, theological positions, denominations, and church size. Thinking about the external diversity among pastors leaves me very thankful for the way the Lord

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Remembering to Celebrate

“It’s National Apple Cobbler Day!” I proudly announced as I dropped a dish of said dessert on the center of my dining table. We were hosting friends for dinner, and as the smell of cooling

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The After Preach Nap

When I first started preaching, I had taken over a church that was holding three Sunday services – two in the morning and one in the afternoon. I felt like I needed to constantly be

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