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Author: Dave Harvey

What To Do After You Preach

The conclusion of a sermon is a dangerous moment for the preacher. He has just spent 30-45 minutes in an expository deluge, dumping his study and zeal upon his congregation. The 10-20 hours of sermon

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The Best Church Leader Is a Team

Plurality. It’s a weighty word that reminds us that ideas have consequences. By plurality, I’m talking about shared leadership. It’s a way of referencing the consequential idea that leadership in the New Testament was a

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4 Ways Elders Should Seek Accountability

Guys, let’s face it. If a pastor’s accountability isn’t in the local church, it’s probably not real accountability. It might give the illusion of accountability so he can traffic in the vocabulary without the entanglements

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Easter & The Triumph of the Lamb

In anticipation of Easter, I want to explore the revelation John received as he went to worship on the Lord’s Day. John worshipped, Jesus appeared, John collapsed. Christ revives John and then gives him a

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