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Author: Jonah Sage

Freedom From Accidental Heresy

Christians love being right. To rephrase towards a less generous take, modern Christians seem inordinately preoccupied with behaving correctly. This is evident in obvious aspects of our faith such as doctrine, conduct, and speech. Just

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Community of Curiosity

A few miles from my office is the site from which Lewis and Clark famously began their journey West some two hundred years ago. Our city, and neighboring Louisville, is littered with streets, parks, and

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Courage for Monotony

American christians, oddly similar to the culture around us, seem perpetually drawn to bigger, better, and more. We long for the miraculous and disdain the mundane. We struggle to reconcile Jesus’ promise of an abundant

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Reflections on the Hot-n-Ready

I spent several years after college traveling the country while living in a Honda Accord. I learned many lessons about living on a shoestring for which I remain thankful. Several unhealthy strategies, however, continue to

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Meaty Christians – Part 2

Part One, Part Three, Part Four — The Way of Weaning In the first post of this series, we considered the New Testament’s distinction between infant and mature Christianity, spiritual milk compared to spiritual meat.

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Meaty Christians – Part 1

Part Two, Part Three, Part Four —- The Cognitive Collapse Like a wily eyed grandfather, the Apostle Paul often teases as much as he teaches. To the Corinthians, he goes so far as to name

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Caring for the Creative

The book of Hebrews tells us that mature Christian leadership is marked by the power of discernment. Through constant training, the wise leader has the ability to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong.[1] One

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