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Author: Ronnie Martin

Fearless Like Fred Holywell

I’m not going to lie, I think Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the greatest story ever told not inspired by the Holy Spirit. And every year I find myself clicking an Amazon link to buy a newly

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If the Fates Allow

If the title rings a Christmas bell, it’s because it’s a line from “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” which goes, Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow… In addition to

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The Pastor’s Work Week

It was an honest question. In fact, I could tell by the somewhat pained look on my friend’s face that he thought it was something he should’ve known the answer to. But he didn’t. “What

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Keeping Easter Real

Confession: I have a complicated relationship with Easter Sunday. Growing up, it was the one Sunday we got all dressed up in something nice…and pastel…which was not typical for Southern California churches, or us. So, my

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Preaching In the Trenches

Man, this preaching gig. I can see you right now, those words staring up at you from the text, the clock ticking away, reminding you with each agonizing moment that Sunday is beckoning and you still

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Rejoicing Over Transfer Growth

I know. You feel guilty even reading a title so bombastic and blasphemous. In the world of church planting, the words transfer and growth have come to mean something akin to grand larceny, like pastors

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Cheating On God With Your Church

Here’s what’s tricky: none of you think it’s you. Most of you would never categorize yourself as unfaithful. Few of you stay awake at night imagining yourself in the lineup of pastoral mega-studs who’s mug

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