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Author: Rusty McKie

The Joys Of Church Planting

A beautiful thing has happened over the past ten years. Church planting has grown in popularity, with more individuals and churches fulfilling the Great Commission by starting new churches. This is biblical, and this is great.

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My Critics Are My Friends

No one gets into ministry with pure motives. How can I say this with such authority? I’ll provide one word of explanation—sin (Rom. 3:23). Sinless Jesus was the only person to serve others without a

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A Case for Paid Sabbaticals

My plan was to wait seven years, and then life happened. By God’s grace, my external elder board put a paid sabbatical into my job package before we ever moved to start our church. It

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Gratitude in the Holiday Gauntlet

Get ready! Like a contestant on the 1980s TV show American Gladiator, you’re about to enter the holiday gauntlet. However, rather than attempting to plow through the modern-day equivalent of a gladiator, you have to

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Pastors and the Hobby-less Life

If you’ve started a church before, you know the pressure, excitement and urgency. Once the boxes are unpacked, it’s time to get to work. Shortly after unpacking our boxes, an older church planter asked me

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