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Author: Rusty McKie

Pastor, Mow Your Grass

Sound boring? You’re preaching to the choir. As a pre-teen, my father tasked me with regularly mowing an acre of grass with a push mower. He claimed, “It will build character.” Well, Dad, I’m not

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Burn Out or Bend Your Knees

I have been thinking about burnout a lot lately. One reason is that I’m coming up on the mile-marker of five years of ministry in Chattanooga. Year five seems to be that invisible mountain that

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A Credible Problem

“Who are you?” The person sitting across the table from you may not verbalize this, but they’re thinking it because you just met them for the first time. You got their contact information from another

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Finding Your Voice (Part Two)

In part one, we discussed the need for finding your voice in preaching. We found that the journey consists of two warnings, one principle and three stages. Here are the three stages and our final warning

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Finding Your Voice (Part One)

Part Two Planting a church is daunting. You gather your launch team, train them in the mission of your church, hit the streets to meet as many people as possible, and finally tackle the organizational

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The Long Ache

I think I’m a patient person, until I actually have to wait for something. We live in the age of Amazon and fast food, where you can have it your way with two day free

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Changed by the Light

Light changed the way I live my life. Now, I’m probably not saying what you think I am. When my wife and I moved to Chattanooga, TN roughly three years ago to plant a church,

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